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  1. 1/300 Vietnam Air War

    Ah, cool
  2. 1/300 Vietnam Air War

  3. Star trek

    Om 10 år spiller vi et spil med dem.
  4. [Congo] En Lørdag i Congo

    Vores stue er også pakket væk de næste 2-4 uger. Men tænker da helt klart, at vi skal have gang i noget igen snart.
  5. [Congo] En Lørdag i Congo

    Part 3: The zulu ventures to a near by trading station to sell the totem in return for guns. But on their way a bunch of adventurers decide to take the totem and cash in themselves. The white explorers set camp in front of the trading post. Soldiers and askari are ready to work for their pay. Tribal musketmen sneak up along the river. A mighty canoo is setting good speed up the river. Hey ho, let's go! Row row row your boat! Gently down the stream! Some hired scouts feel the wrath of the zulu musket men. They are done dideli done for. Trained askari set up in the denser jungle, to take advantage of the cover. Zulu! The redcoats enter some dense jungle only to get totally lost. It is a mystery to all, but somehow they end up on the other side of the river. The zulus are suddenly rushing towards nothing. What a fine day for a stroll along the riverbank. Zulu musket men try crossing the river and the fanatical warriors disemberk their canoo. On the far side of the river askari clash with mighty zulu warriors. Then for some reason the askari join the zulu musketmen in the river. . Failing dice! The askari managed to cross the river, while the zulu musketmen was eaten by crocodiles. The zulu king has survived massive crossfire, lost his men and is now running towards the trade station. There is still some obstacles to cross before he is there. Meanwhile the adventurers and the zulus are exchanging shots across the river. . Then deciding to face the zulu king. Wounded, but alive, the zulu king manage to get to the trading post. Here the trader cheats the zulu king out of the totem and trades him for some worthless tinbits. The end.
  6. [Congo] En Lørdag i Congo

    Part 2: The zanzibari sets up camp on their way to sell the totem. At early dawn the camp is awoken by something stirring up the animals in the jungle. The hired scouts are the first to see who is round and about. A rare zulu forest tribe has come to claim the totem as their own. Some zanzibari quickly rushes out into cover. Others rub their eyes and hope their are still dreaming. But no, the forest is suddenly alive with howling tribal warriors. "Shoot that way! I am sure I saw someone there!" The panicking zanziba360ri decides to flee the camp in favor of bringing the valuable totem to safety. The Emir holds the totem close trying to decide where to go next, while his men are slaughtered one by one. The camp is simultaniously overrun by the ferocious natives. The camp is lost. Not even the skilled zanzibari musketmen can hold their ground. The jugle is running red with zanzibari blood. The totem changes hands once more.
  7. Today I met up with Dr. The Thorbjørn to play a few games of Congo and eat cake. We managed to play three interlinked games. The story of the lost totem of an unknown tribe in Congo (Or something, I admit this is not very historical correct). Part 1: A white mans expedition and a zanzibarian raiding party rush to steal the lost totem, protected by a mighty gorilla. The gorilla is awoken by twigs breaking and whispering voices in the bushes. The white hunters emerge from the jungle lead by their native scouts. Well trained askari follow close by. Mumbling about the angry gorilla god living in these parts of the jungle. In another part of the jungle the dastardly zanzibari slavers sneak in to grab the totem for themselves. The zanzibari have brought their own local scouts to guide them and some hired guns. The factions are closing in, not noticing eachother in the dense jungle. The fearless scouts charge out of the jungle and faces the gorilla. Unfortunately the dice god is not with them on this day and they get ripped to shreds. The supersticious scouts leading the white mens expedition look on in terror. The wrath of the gorilla is awoken as it charges out towards the zanzibari. The zanzibari slave master whippes his men into a frenzy as they slaughter a unit of askari. The surviving askari try to run away. But they end up facing the might and force of the gorilla and this is the end for them. A second unit of askari is beaten down by the slavemaster and his men while some white explorers close in to help. Yikes! The zanzibari charge forth to capture the lost totem, but is stopped in their track by the explorers. Too late! The askari leader looks on while the zanzibari steals away the totem. Oh the humanity. Even the ancient monument of a long forgotten civilization is horrified. The enraged gorilla tries to get the totem back, but too late. The zanzibari make away with their prize. .
  8. Star Eagles

    Rich kid
  9. Paranoia XP

  10. Yay!

  11. Log over hvad jeg maler i 2015

    5 stks. Malet: 28mm figurer: 28 28mm køretøj: 2 15mm figur: 0
  12. Pitting a S.W.A.T. Team from Røvede P.D. against a league of gruesome Deep Ones...
  13. Battle For Dos Angeles

    Thanks, if all goes well I will present a similar game at Horisont this year.
  14. Battle For Dos Angeles

    Back in the days, when I started my venture into alternative gaming and my gaming group and I played a lot of post apocalypse style games, we had quite a loose setting where almost everything could (and would) happen. I really think we had a lot of great games and an interesting storyline going on, but eventually things died and we moved onto other genres. The main problem used to be the rules. Whatever we tried out there always seemed to be something not quite right. But still we had a lot of fun and I always thought it was a shame we never did more in the genre. It all probably just comes down to finding some rules that basically works out and tweak it to our own gaming needs. So recently I have been reading up on the Nuclear Renaissance rules from Ramshackle Games again and we decided to give it another go. For this games I set up a Phagon cloning station in the city of Dos Angeles. The cloning station has been working illegally for some time, but the local law enforcement, represented by Inquisitor Gar and his corrupt posse of Marines and Squats, was not satisfied with the amount of bribes and decides to show and example by destroying some cloning tanks in the outskirts of the city. The Phagon cloning station at Dos Angeles Inquisitor Gar arrives in a massive Iron Grumbler making a lot of noise and making sure everyone hears him make his entry. An Ambull quickly pops out of the ground disturbed by the noise. The alerted Phagons get some Ambull love too. Ambulls everywhere. Inquisitor Gar disembarks the Iron Grumbler and runs for cover on the left flank while the Iron Grumbler rams a cluster of smokestacks from the underground facilities. An abominable Running Ripper chages towards the Iron Grumbler. And a PSI Wolf try to fend of the Inquisitor. The Piscean Warrior hide in a building. Ram! The Running Ripper was gunned down and as Dr. Brain runs to the aid of his beloved pet he gets run down by the Iron Grumbler. Meanwhile the Piscean Warrior has been gunning down the Inquisitorial Medic and Inquisitor Gar himself, but the last Marine decides to still blow up some cloning tanks. This Ambull was beaten to the ground by twin powerfists! PSI Wolf enters the Iron Grumbler. In the end only a few models was left on the table and only the Iron Grumbler was left on the Inquisitorial side. Trying to run ram another cloning tank but failing in the attempt. Unfortunately Inquitor Gar and his men had forgotten to close the hatch when they left the tank and a PSI Wolf jumped on the tank, into it and ate the driver. In conclusion the game was quite fun and the rules worked out ok. We made a few mistakes along the way and I am sure things will be even better in future games of Nuclear Renaissance.